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Nathalie Hyde-Clark

Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, PhD

Head of the Department of Culture and Media

+358 207 699 580


"A vibrant researcher with an interest in empirical research that explores media usage in, by and across diverse communities."

Nathalie Hyde-Clarke (PhD) is currently Head of the Department of Culture and Media at Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland and a Docent in Media and Communication at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She has occupied four managerial positions in three higher education institutions in South Africa and Finland, while maintaining a strong teaching presence and research focus in journalism, communication and media studies. Her research and findings inform academic publications, University courses and international conference papers. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). 

Peer-reviewed articles in last five years:

Hyde-Clarke, N. 2019. Improving the Share-worthiness of Research in an International Milieu. Internationalisation and Higher Education: A Strategic Perspective. Ed. Hyde-Clarke, N. and Wikström-Grotell, C. Helsinki: Arcada.

Hyde-Clarke, N. and Tana, J. 2019. Individualization and Self-Care in the Age of Digital Innovation: Online media perspectives on Finnish healthcare reform. Media Health: The individual in journalistic practices, patient narratives and official strategies. ED. B. Kjos Fonn, H Hornmoen, Y. Hågvar & N. Hyde-Clarke. Oslo: Oslo Metropolitan University (Accepted).

Hyde-Clarke, N. 2019. Reflections on the Finnish University of Applied Sciences Branding Strategy in the International Education Market. Journal of Education Advancement and Marketing. Vol 3 No 4. 360-373.

Hyde-Clarke, N. 2017. The Journalism of ‘Returning’. Putting a Face on It: Subjectivity and Individual Exposure in Contemporary Journalism. Ed. B. Kjos, H. Hornmoen, Y. Hågvar and N. Hyde-Clarke. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Academic Publishing. 185-204.

Hyde-Clarke, N. 2017. Sustainable Development in University Marketing Strategy. Building a Culture of Sustainability and Innovation in Professional Higher Education. Helsinki: Arcada. 25-33.

Nåls, J. and Hyde-Clarke, N. 2017. Lost and Found: Making Sense of Foreign Spaces and the Self with Public Transport. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 346-359.

Hyde-Clarke, N. 2016. The digital experiment: Changing dynamics of student participation and teaching practices. E-Learning: Practices, lessons learned and the way forward. Ed: N, Hyde-Clarke & C, Wikström-Grotell. Helsinki: Arcada. 78-87.

Hyde-Clarke, N. 2016. Story-Telling and Narrative Inquiry as a Gateway to Methodology. Storytelling in Education: Experiences and Criticism. Ed: M. Stocchetti. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 77-88.

Wasserman, H. & Hyde-Clarke, N. 2016. Crisis Communication in South Africa. Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research, Eds: M. Löffelholz, A. Schwarz & M. Seeger, Wiley Blackwell. 251-257.

Träskman, T. and Hyde-Clarke, N. 2016. Assessing the Potential for “Cultural Disruption” through Sharing Economy: A Case Study of a Time Bank in Helsinki. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 4: 111-120.