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Photo of Magnus Westerlund

Magnus Westerlund, DSc

Deputy Head of Department, Business and Analytics; Head of Master Degree Programme, Big Data Analytics, Principal Lecturer

+358 207 699 540


"My passion is to understand how novel IT systems and IT security can provide a positive change for our society. The long-term aim is to define what we mean by autonomous systems that are trustworthy, accountable, and that can learn from interaction"

Magnus Westerlund (DSc) is the Programme director of the Master degree programme in Big Data Analytics and Deputy Head of Business and Analytics Department at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. He has a background from the private sector in telecom and information management and earned his doctoral degree in information systems at Åbo Akademi University.

Westerlund has research publications in the fields of analytics, IT-security, cyber regulation, and blockchain technology. His current research topics are found in the decentralized platform area of distributed clouds enabled by distributed ledger technology and the application of intelligent autonomous systems. 


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