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Leonardo Espinosa Leal

Leonardo Espinosa Leal, Ph.D in Computational Materials Science, M.Sc in Nanotechnology

Researcher and Lecturer in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

+358 207 699 549

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Passionate about finding patterns in nature, data, social groups at any place and time. Always thinking about the next research idea. 


Leonardo Espinosa Leal received a B.Sc. in Physics (2005) from the National University of Colombia. Later he moved to Spain where he obtained a M.Sc in Nanotechnology (2009) and a Ph.D in Computational Materials Science (2013) both at the University of the Basque Country. After three years of postdoctoral research (2013 - 2016) at Aalto University (Finland) where Espinosa Leal researched about the optical and structural properties of DNA interacting with metallic nanoparticles at quantum scale, he switched his research interests towards the area of Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.Since august of 2017, Espinosa Leal is a Researcher and Lecturer (non-tenured) in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in the Department of Business Management and Analytics and Research Associate with the Hanken School of Economics (Helsinki, Finland) through the joint AI research initiative AILab@ Arcada & Hanken. Member of the RiskLab Finland research group.  He has a very broad range of research interest comprehending, but not limited to, areas such as autonomous intelligent machines, mining of big datasets, clustering of time series, causality, quantum machine learning, extreme learning machines, creative machines, philosophy of artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep reinforcement learning among many others. Please see Espinosa Leals personal webpage for more details. 


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Espinosa Leal,L., Björk, K-M., Lendasse, A., Akusok, A. 2018. A Web Page Classifier Library Based on Random Image Content Analysis Using Deep Learning”. In: Proceedings of the 11th Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference. ACM, pp. 13–16.

Giedraityte, Z., Lopez-Acevedo, O., Espinosa Leal, L., Pale, V., Sainio, J., Tripathi, T. 2016. Three-Dimensional Uracil Network with Sodium as a Linker. In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120.46, pp. 26342–26349.

Espinosa Leal, L., Karpenko, A., Swasey, S., Gwinn, E., Rojas-Cervellera, V., Rovira, C., Lopez-Acevedo, O. 2015. The Role of Hydrogen Bonds in the Stabilization of Silver-Mediated Cytosine Tetramers. In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6, pp. 4061–4066.

Swasey, S., Espinosa Leal L., Lopez-Acevedo O.,  Pavlovich, J., Gwinn, E. 2015. Silver (I) as DNA glue: Ag+-mediated guanine pairing revealed by removing Watson-Crick constraints. In: Scientific reports 5, p. 10163.