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Our researchers

Jyrki Kettunen, Senior researcher

Docent in Health Sciences

+358 207 699 508

Jyrki Kettunen is a Senior researcher at Arcada. Kettunen has a 15-year long career in developing and producing experience of evidence-based physiotherapy and current care guidelines in close collaboration with the Finnish Association of Physiotherapists and the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim.  One research area at Arcada’s Physiotherapy Training Unit is health technology solutions in rehabilitation. 

Kettunen collaborates with the Orton Foundation in a study that concerns musculoskeletal disorders. Kettunen's ongoing research include Radiological findings, symptoms and function among patients with Scheuermann’s disease, Recovery after knee and hip arthroplasty and Postoperative rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty, with or without Anti-gravity Treadmill.

One long-lasting, but still ongoing project is the follow-up study of the former Finnish elite athlete cohort. Kettunen's thesis “Physical loading and later lower-limb function and findings, a study among male former elite athletes” (University of Jyväskylä, 2001) was based on this cohort. The principal investigators of this project are professor emeritus Seppo Sarna, Professors Urho Kujala and Jaakko Kaprio. 

Between 2014 and 2015, Kettunen led the Vata-project, which objective was to create new permanent local networks and operating models to support the development and use of efficient health care services in primary care. 

Jyrki Kettunen has published seventy-five per reviewed articles, 88 other articles and 46 presentations during his career so far.