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Photo of Jonas Tana

Jonas Tana, R.N., M.A., PhD in Information Science

Senior lecturer

+358 207 699 428

twitter: @jonastana,
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"If it's related to health and digital, I'm probably interested."

Jonas Tana works as a Senior Lecturer at Arcada. Tana’s teaching and research activities have mainly been within digitalisation of healthcare. These have partly been connected to ongoing projects, such as the EU InterReg funded "The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services", and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture funded “SotePeda 24/7” project. Tana has both led and participated in other projects related to digital and mobile health solutions, Internet of Things in Healthcare and Extended Reality. His main research interest lies in different aspects of online health information behaviour, digital health literacy, misinfodemics and e-health. 



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  • Tana, J.C., Kettunen, J., Eirola, E. and Paakkonen, H., 2018. Diurnal variations of depression-related health information seeking: Case study in finland using google trends data. JMIR mental health, 5(2), p.e43.
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  • Pulkkis, G., Karlsson, J., Westerlund, M. and Tana, J., 2017, August. Secure and reliable Internet of Things systems for healthcare. In 2017 IEEE 5th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud) (pp. 169-176). IEEE.