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Photo of Ira Jeglinsky-Kankainen

Ira Jeglinsky-Kankainen, Phd in Medical Science, PT

Principal lecturer

+358 207 699 434




" I have a great interest in how we could improve the life of children and young people with disabilities, and the role of (re)habilitation in this improvement. This interest I convey to my students. "


Ira Jeglinsky-Kankainen holds a PhD in Medical Science. Jeglinsky-Kankainen's field of research includes children with neurodevelopmental disorder, and her main interest is in children and youth with cerebral palsy. Her research focuses on family-centered service, functioning and interprofessional work within the rehabilitation field.

Jeglinsky-Kankainen is interested in how we can improve the everyday functioning of children. Jeglinsky-Kankainen is currently leading the Finnish team in a Nordic research project of the lifespan of individuals with cerebral palsy, the CP-North: living life with cerebral palsy in the Nordic countries . Additionally, she is part of the Swedish research program Moving-On with CP. Other research programs that Jeglinsky-Kankainen is involved in cover self-organization in home-care teams and computer vision in rehabilitation. 

Jeglinsky-Kankainen's teaching interest and activities are in the field of pediatric neurology, rehabilitation mainly for children and youth as well as universal design and accessibility. 


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