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Photo of Dennis Biström

Dennis Biström

Lecturer in IT

+358 207 699 418


"IT teacher with background in media technology and embedded systems. "

Dennis Biström teaches full stack web programming and data managing, visualization and engineering. Biström has previously worked as a research engineer where he helped design and manufacture the U-value meter for measuring heat loss through walls and windows. Biström is great at 3D-printing and has manufactured a robotic gripper in silicone as part of a resarch project on soft robotics, and he is currently involved in a robotics project. Biström has built two ebikes, and an emoped from scratch and he looks forward to electrify his cruiser motorbike as soon as the engine cuts out. 

Biström strives to make a change by only using open source solutions and implement his own to avoid market leaders like Google and Microsoft, within reason. Try asking him about digital manufacturing, how to build your own Spotify, secure messaging apps or how to set up your own encrypted cloud. If you're looking to building your own speakers or wondering how smartphones suddenly jumped from fullhd to 2k resolutions, He will lecture you on that as well :D

In his own words, Biström says he is way too young to know everything about anything really, but if it's engineering or tech, his probably interested. 


Biström, Dennis. Producing threedimensional WebM content for Nvidia 3D Vision. 2015.