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Photo of Christa Tigerstedt

Christa Tigerstedt, Doctoral candidate, M.Sc. Econ, M.Sc. Ed

Senior Lecturer, Project Manager

+358 207 699 529


"A creative and future oriented person who emphasizes collaboration and open dialogue and believes that curiosity and learning are crucial competencies for the future."




M. Forss, M. Hernberg & C. Tigerstedt. Separately together, that’s how we learn – online learning in Making Sense of Leadership. 2016. In Hyde-Clarke, N. & Wikström-Grotell, C. (eds). E-Learning: Practices, lessons learned and the way forward / E-lärande: Erfarenheter, lärdomar och vägen vidare. pp. 98-108.

C. Tigerstedt & M. Uljens (2016). Higher Education Leadership in the light of non-affirmative discursive education -theoretical developments and empirical observations. In Elmgren, M., Folke- Fichtelius, M., Hallsén, S., Román, H. & Wermke, W. (2016). Att ta utbildningens komplexitet på allvar. En vänskrift till Eva Forsberg, pp. 156-173. B.

Wraae, C. Tigerstedt & J. Kratzer (2018). Introducing Student Self-assessment as a New Assessment Tool in Entrepreneurship Education. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice.

C. Tigerstedt & S. Fabricius (2019). The skills of the future work life- recognizing and assessing soft skills in higher education. ICERI2019 Proceedings.

S. Fabricius, C. Tigerstedt, M. Klynhout & V. Strolys (2019). Developing an entrepreneurial coaching clinic through a co-creative student engaging learning process. Case – Arcada coaching clinic. EDULEARN19 Proceedings, pp. 734-741.

Selected blogs:

Framtidens lärandekontext, tankar om robotar, kodning, AI och softskills

FinED: Study Plans For Working Life

Selected projects:

The eAMK project. A development project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Hella, Higher Education Lab

Christa Tigerstedt is a senior lecturer in Business at Arcada. She is an experienced international trainer and educator. She has a demonstrated history of working in academia. Tigerstedt has been working on many national and international projects for about ten years with internationalization.  Her fields are organizational development, leadership, HR, intercultural business.

Tigerstedt is also a researcher (PhD candidate in Education Sciences; Educational Leadership). She is a certified intercultural development trainer (IDI).  Tigerstedt's current research projects are related to leadership in Higher Education Institutions, entrepreneurial mindsets and future work life competences. She is currently involved in national projects focusing on digitalization of higher education and development in general of the learning in higher education (Toteemi, EAMK and Higher Education Learning Lab).  

Tigerstedt is a creative and future oriented person and she is more a holistic thinker. She is a person not afraid to try new things. She emphasizes collaboration and open dialogue and believes that curiosity and learning are crucial competencies for the future.

Tigerstedt is frequent guest lecturer at several universities abroad (University College Lillebelt (Denmark), University of Alicante (Spain), University of Education (Pakistan), FH Salzburg (Austria), Ervervsakademin Lillebaelt (Denmark), University of Akureyri (Iceland) ) and OTH Regensburg (Germany). She has a broad national and international network.