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Photo of Carina Kiukas

Carina Kiukas, M.ed., Doctoral Candidate

 Head of Department for the Department of Health and Welfare

+358 207 699 536


"I am passionate about learning. In a higher education context the focus is on student´s learning. To support that I argue that we need to stress the importance of co-creation and alignment within higher education."

Carina Kiukas is currently Head of Department for the Department of Health and Welfare. She is a pedagogical developer with over 20 years of experience within higher education. Kiukas is also the chair of the Pedagogical Council at Arcada UAS. Through this position Kiukas has the opportunity to be part of continual development work in practice.  With the purpose to support high quality of students learning experiences, we focus on various activities aiming for the development of teaching (for example online pedagogics and coaching concepts) and curricula work.  

Kiukas doctoral research is a participatory action research project on the educational development work done in a University of Applied Sciences (UAS). Her study is based on a professional ambition and need to make visible and systematize educational development work. The purpose of the study is develop knowledge of the practices that educational development work in a UAS consists of. The theory of practices architectures is used as a lens to explore the pedagogical development work. 

Current projects include HELLA – Higher Education Learning Lab is a research based and research supported development project on higher education pedagogy that is developing and piloting a new study module in higher education for the needs of the universities and the universities of applied sciences. The aim is also to develop models for cooperation between the institutions. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. 


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