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Bettina Brantberg-Ahlfors

Bettina Brantberg-Ahlfors , Master in Pedagogics and Bsc in Nursing

Degree Programme Director and Senior Lecturer

+358 207 699 520

LinkedIn: Bettina Brantberg

"Pedagogical development and innovation, teamwork and pedagogical counselling are my strengths and core areas of interest" 

Bettina Brantberg-Ahlfors is Degree Programme Director and Senior Lecturer at the Programme for Social work at Arcada. 

Brantberg-Ahlfors has worked within the Education sector and with projects related to education almost her entire career. Brantberg-Ahlfors  pedagogical experience starts from the general upper secondary education to university-level education and she has worked the past 12 years at Arcada. Early childhood education and care are also close to Brantberg-Ahlfors heart. Project planning, counselling and curriculum planning are the core of her skills set. Brantberg-Ahlfors has published a book dealing with problem-based learning in the general upper secondary education, she has participated in the delivery of project reports and written counceling scripts for adoptive parents as well as participated actively in the societal debates concerning the education sector. Her specific interest relates to how pedagogics can be used to enable room for individuals to engage and for groups to grow, making the world a better place. 


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