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Photo of Åsa Rosengren

Åsa Rosengren, Lic.Soc.Sc.

Principal lecturer, Director of the Master’s degree programme in Social Services

+358 207 699 525



"I am passionate about research that helps professionals to improve practice and to be more effective in helping clients. "

Åsa Rosengren works as Principal Lecturer in Social services at the department of Health and Welfare at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Rosengren is Director of the Master’s degree programme in Social Services and also teaches on the Bachelor level. 

Rosengren’s research and teaching areas are mainly related to social inclusion, participation, ageing and older people, services, caretaking, policies and to practice research in social work.  She has over ten years of experience in Problem-based learning (PBL) and her special interest is in collaborative learning, student centered learning, online learning and teacher dispositions within the context of higher education. In cooperation with the Mathilda Wrede research Institute in Helsinki Rosengren has developed local multi-professional practice arenas where education, research, municipalities and service users collaborate. She has also participated in research on informal care for older people in Nordic countries and in Estonia. 

Rosengren is currently involved in two ongoing research projects. The first is related to self-managing teams in home care for elderly, where the Buurtzorg Nederland model of home care is tested in home care organizations in Finnish municipalities. The second project is connected to employment of people with intellectual disabilities and their rights to work in society. 


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