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Principles of open science and research at Arcada 

Arcada has actively been working on improving the amount of publications that are open access the past years. Open access (OA) - means that scientific research results are made freely accessible in digital form. Researchers at Arcada have been encouraged to publish according to the Golden Open Access and Green Open Access principles. (von Boguslawski, M. and Tana, J., 2018).  

Most publishers (78%) allow some level of parallel publishing (Arcada's Libguide, 2020). Arcada strongly recommends its staff to publish according to open access principles. The results should be publicly available electronically to anyone, provided that such an open publication does not conflict with the publisher's terms and conditions.  Arcada also recommends its staff to include a sum for open access publishing, as well as grants for language care in funding applications. (Måtts-Wikström, I., Oikkonen-Kerman, H., Åvall A-K. 2019.) 

Arcada's Library has gathered an extensive information package in its Libguide for Open access in order to help Arcada's researchers and writers with Open access publishing.  In 2019, 54% of all research publications at Arcada where open access publications. (Arcada’s strategy advisory team analysis, 2020).

Parallel publishing/Self-archiving

Parallel publishing is a form of free accessibility, where a publication published through a publication channel is also made freely accessible in a university's institutional repository.

Arcada Working Papers

Arcada Working Papers (ISSN 2342-3064) are pre-publication versions of academic articles, book chapters, or reviews. Articles in this series represent investigations in progress and will be revised and published using other academic channels.

Most recent Arcada Working Papers can be found on Theseus.

Arcada Publication

Arcada has it's own publication series called Arcada Publication. The aim with this publication series is to promote the publication of research efforts and projects related to Arcada’s activities and areas of expertise, as well as strengthen the flow of information and knowledge regionally, nationally and internationally. 

All publications within the series can be found on Theseus.

Other publications

A register of other publications/articles and peer-reviewed summaries issued by Arcada staff can be found in Arcada's publication register.

Arcada's blog for health and welfare is a public online publication where Arcada's researchers, teachers and students write about education, research, development and innovation activities in Arcada. Publication languages are Swedish, English and Finnish. The editorial board of the publication approves the articles. The contact details of the editorial board can be found on the blog's webpage.

Arcada's blog for Culture and Media explores and makes meaning of the dynamic field of culture and the media industry. Read about the latest trends, events and academic arguments that are shaping and reshaping our world in ways that encourage us to reflect and debate on what has past and what has yet to come. The editorial board of the publication approves the articles. The contact details of the editorial board can be found on the blog's webpage.

The declaration for Open Science and Research

Arcada signed the “Declaration for Open Science and Research” during winter 2020 (2020-2025) that strategically consists of three pilars. The second pilar “Policy for Open access to research data and methods” highlights openness as a fundamental value to research.  As a member of the Finnish research community, Arcada assumes its responsibility and continues its work in supporting and encouraging researchers at Arcada to work in alignment of the declaration as well as the international policies within research.  


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