The Department of Health and Welfare, which educates experts in sports, social and health care, is focusing its research, development and innovation activities within the fields of patient safety, health promotion and social involvement.

Within the area of patient safety, the Department of Health and Welfare is a forerunner in simulation pedagogics, IT-based medicine competence, and in the prevention of risks in care regarding human factors. Health promotion is another are of focus where Arcada has a solid competence and the department focuses its RDI activities in this field on preventing impaired work capacity and extending working careers.

Within the research area of social involvement, the department focuses on social capital and service development (mental health, child care and elderly care).

Within these central research areas Arcada is in a close co-operation with, among others, municipalities, Folkhälsan, Helsinki and Uusimaa’s hospital district, and many universities such as Helsinki University, Riga University and the UAS in Stavanger, Halmstad and Mälardalen.