Research at Arcada

Research, development and innovation at Arcada

By staying in tune with the needs of our society and the business world, both in the present and the future, Arcada's applied research finds practical solutions to the challenges our country and our world is facing.

Arcada provides an innovative environment with a focus on research-based innovation in the business and public sectors, and with a strong interaction between teaching and research. The need for continuous and deep collaboration between education and research is needed, e.g. to prepare students for a knowledge-based, rapidly changing working life, where students also need to have the capability and knowledge to create their own workplaces.

At Arcada research is conducted within the following priority areas: culture, functional materials, business development and information analysis, and patient safety, health promotion and social inclusion. Regardless of the field, the starting point is the same - to identify the needs of the surrounding world and to assess how our research will have the greatest possible positive impact on society. Arcada’s ambition is that all of our research, development and innovation activities will contribute to sustainable development, which is only possible if they are deeply rooted in the surrounding society. Where a university conducts theoretical research, a UAS focuses on theoretical knowledge to find practical and concrete solutions to existing problems.

Co-operation is key

Research conducted in close co-operation with both the business world and the public sector guarantees that the results and the university's expertise benefit society. Arcada participates in academic networks and knowledge exchanges with over 90 universities around the world and we are actively working with business representatives to produce and commercialise the products we create.


Interested in collaboration? Questions about projects?

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