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Project Management in Practice

Are you interested in learning how to initiate, develop, plan and execute an idea?

From ideas into practice

Are you interested in learning how to initiate, develop, plan and execute an idea? Do you want to get the tools to make that idea reality? Then the Course in Project Management in the Creative Industries could give you the tools you need. By creating a supportive foundation in project management and allowing you to brainstorm and test ideas with peers, you are able to put plans into practice through learned competencies that will serve you well in future employment. This course is designed for people who already have some industry experience, knowledge or experience in marketing and communication studies. 

Project Management in the Creative Industries 


Project Management  (on campus) 

Pitching ideas  (on campus) 

Creative Workshop (on campus and independent work) 


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Certificate earned after completion:
Certificate in Project Management in Practice


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After completion, you are able to:

Learning outcome

Prepare objectives for, plan and initiate cultural projects .

Learning outcome

Present professional presentations and effectively pitch your ideas.

Learning outcome

Better understand team dynamics and leadership 

Learning outcome

Develop project budgets. 

For further information, contact:


Nathalie Hyde-Clarke

Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, PhD

Head of Department, Culture and Media

+358 294 282 580
Stig Blomqvist

Stig Blomqvist

Further Education Planner

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