The communications department at Arcada offers journalists and media easy access to any information, photographs and contact details that you may require for your work. Find what you are looking for by following the links on the left side of this page. You are also welcome to contact us at if you have any questions.

Under Press Releases you can read our latest press releases and media invitations. To browse all of our press releases, enter our Press Archive. If you wish to be added to our press list, to which we send our press releases by e-mail, please contact the communications department. We also publish news on our website regularly. These can be found under the headline "News", or on the front page of the website.

Arcada is active in social media: take a peek behind the curtains of our university of applied sciences in the blog and watch the pictures from the latest events on our Flickr account. To check out Arcada's Facebook page, click here.

Contact information to the communications department:

Communications Director Gunilla Sjöberg
Phone +358 (0)207 699 675
E-mail gunilla.sjoberg[a]

Informations Officer Johanna Modig-Gräsbeck
Phone +358 (0)207 699 677
E-mail johanna.modig-grasbeck[a]

Informations Officer Andréa Högberg (on maternity leave)
Phone +358 (0)207 699 677
E-mail andrea.hogberg[a]

Communications Planner Fredrik Gjerde
Phone +358 (0)207 699 680
E-mail fredrik.gjerde[a]

Communications Officer Mikael Wacklin
Phone +358 (0)207 699 484
E-mail mikael.wacklin[a]

Congress and Event Manager Maria von Bonsdorff-Hermunen
Phone +358 (0)207 699 503
E-mail maria.vonbonsdorff-hermunen[a]

Alumni Coordinator Mia Ingman
Phone +358 (0)207 699 667
E-mail mia.ingman[a]

Web Developer Daniel Storgårds
Phone +358 (0)207 699 596 
E-mail daniel.storgards[a]