“The International Business programme offers a truly global perspective.”

Marco Eckhardt

“You always find the right people to talk to at Arcada,” Marco Eckhardt says. For him, studying at the International Business Bachelor’s program means having contacts from all over the world.

The story of how 24-year-old Stuttgart-born Marco Eckhardt ended up in Finland is – as so many great stories are – about love. Not only for a person, but also for a country. 
“Finland makes you feel very welcome. I had several good reasons to come here. I had friends here through my former Finnish girlfriend, and knew that the education level is very high. I chose the city I liked the most.” 
It was this attitude and a will to continue studying that inspired Marco to make the leap from the Porsche factory in his hometown – where he had done a car mechanic training program and worked for three years – to Arcada and the Bachelor’s program in International Business.
“I was interested in science, physics and maths, but had worked with enough engineers to know that was not the way I wanted to go. I was always good with numbers and became really interested in the social side of business, which is why I chose this program,” he says.

Four specialisation options

The International Business program gives the students a comprehensive overview of international trade and business. Marco, who is one year into his studies, decided to major in Financial Management – one of the four specialisation options along with Marketing, Logistics and Tourism. He will be building on his knowledge and skills in an environment that is international in every sense of the word – over 50 percent of the students are non-Finnish, and the curriculum has been designed from a global perspective. And with the new Business School concept, where all business students at Arcada have joint classes during the first year, the environment is even more diverse. 
All of this suits socially-driven Marco perfectly.
“It’s been amazing to see how many different nationalities and personalities come together in our programme. I could never have imagined it would be this international,” he says. 

Being sociable is key

For Marco, it’s been important to get around as much as possible and meet new people, as he feels this is a freedom he wouldn’t have had as a student in Germany. He has made it his task to make sure the voices of the international students are being heard. Marco is active in the Arcada Student Union, where he is responsible for international affairs. He is also bringing students together by organising events as part of the International Standing Committee. 
This social aspect is an integral part of Marco’s experience as a student at Arcada – and important for his future plans.
“A major part of creating business deals is how you treat other people and how you talk to them. I want to be in direct contact with customers and explore the psychological part of financial consulting and financial investment.”
So what will Marco remember the most, looking back at his time at Arcada?  
“Besides the class and the education, definitely the people. I’ve made a bunch of good friends who know how to live life. It doesn’t matter what you do, the main focus is to be happy. Arcada makes me happy,” he says.

October 2014