The Swedish Cultural Foundation has announced that it will donate one million euro to Arcada. The funds will be added to Arcada’s basic capital and the returns on the capital will be used to develop Arcada’s operations.

Arne Wessberg, chairperson of the Board of Arcada University of Applied Sciences, sees the donation as a sign of the Swedish Cultural Foundation’s trust in Arcada and its work for a bilingual Finland.

“We at Arcada are grateful for the Swedish Cultural Foundation’s support. This contribution confirms the appriciation for Arcada’s education and research. The donation also shows the foundation’s understanding of, and belief in, the importance of higher education for the development of our society,” Wessberg says.

Arcada’s fundraising started at the beginning of the year, and since then a total of more than 3 million euro have been donated. The government has reserved 24 million euro for joint financing to match funds that are raised by universities of applied sciences until the end of 2018.

“We hope that many more follow the Swedish Cultural Foundation’s lead and participate in Arcadas fundraising this year. The donations are important for Arcada’s possibilities to offer a wide range of high-quality educations in Swedish.”


Further information:
Chairperson of the Board, Arne Wessberg, tel: +358 (0)400 618 800,
Fundraising manager, Susanna Grönblom, tel: +358 (0)294 282 514,

Find out more about Arcada's fundraising campaign at

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