Two social robots standing in a classroom.
Two social robots standing in a classroom.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are already changing the way we work. Arcada is now launching a new project on artificial intelligence and robotics in the social and health care field.

The social robots project develops the understanding and practical implications of robot services, and explores different ways in which the robot is involved in work life situations. In the project, Arcada also plans and develops applications for selected robotic platforms.

- At Arcada, we combine programming, analytics, service design, health and social care so that students in different fields can learn from each other's challenges and get a complete understanding of the robot as a future work colleague, says Henrika Franck, Vice Rector of Research and Innovation at Arcada.

The interaction between humans and robots is observed in different situations in a simulation center. The robots will also be tested in real-life situations with customers and patients.

One aim of the project is to create a Fenno-Swedish service and social robot skills hub.

- For the Swedish language and the Swedish culture in Finland, the project is relevant, because we will be able to code the robot in order to give it different languages, personalities, genders and emotional intensity. This will provide us with research and tools to ensure that Swedish is taken into account in future digital solutions in Finland, says Franck.

Arcada has received 100,000 euros in external funding from The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska Kulturfonden) for the project. Part of the development and research is done in collaboration with Experience Lab at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa.