More students than ever before will begin their Open path studies at Arcada this academic year. A total of 165 students have applied to Arcada’s degree programmes on a bachelor’s level.

About a third of the applicants (56) will start studying at one of the English bachelor’s degree programmes, while 109 have their eyes set on one of the Swedish programmes.

“We can see a significant increase in the amount of applicants compared to last year. Then we had 110 students on the Open path, which in turn was an increase compared with previous years,” Head of Further Education Lars Wessman says.

Most students have found their way to the Department of Health and Welfare, where Physiotherapy (19), Nursing (10) and Emergency Care (9) are the most popular degree programmes taught in Swedish. The Swedish degree programme in International Business is also popular, with 31 new Open path students.

Among the English degree programmes it was Nursing that gained the most interest, with a total of 45 new Open path students joining this autumn.

”More and more students consider Open path studies to be a viable and attractive study alternative. It’s great to see that the Open path students give Arcada good evaluation scores and are happy with their educations and the atmosphere here.”

Open path students participate in the education just like any other students at Arcada, and follow the curriculum of their chosen degree programme. The studies will not result in a diploma, but when a student have completed 60 ECTS-credits, he or she can apply to become a degree student.

“The majority of those who start studying on the Open path continue their studies towards a bachelor’s degree,” Wessman says.