Professor Mona Forsskåhl’s inauguration as the new Rector and CEO of Arcada was celebrated September 5th.
– The institutions ability to work for democracy and positive social development is directly linked to educational policy conditions, Forsskåhl noted in her inauguration speech.

Forsskåhl emphasized that it is with pride and respect for both Arcada UAS’s history and it’s multifaceted future that she assumes her duties as Rector. In her speech, she placed particular emphasis on the importance of diversity in tackling a changing future. Furthermore she highlighted the important role higher education plays for an open and democratic society.

– At Arcada, our goal is clear: we want to promote society's well-being by relevant solutions. We want, and can, contribute to a sustainable development, both for you students and for Finland as a whole, by raising the level of education, starting from fundamental values such as tolerance, perceptiveness and initiative, she said.

She also turned to the Ministry of Education and Culture and underlined that the higher education institution’s ability to act for democracy and contribute to positive social development is directly dependent on educational policy conditions.

– In order for institutions of higher education in Finland – and Arcada among them - to do so, there must be a balance in terms of economy and structure. A balance between, on the one hand, a sufficiently stable basis for responsibly delivering higher education, and on the other hand incentives for new initiatives for continuous learning, innovation and strategic development.

Forsskåhl took over as the Rector and CEO of Arcada on 15 May 2018 after Rector Henrik Wolff retired. The inauguration was celebrated among staff, students and invited guests from companies, authorities and organisations.

Please find the whole speech attached.

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Mona Forsskåhl
Rector and CEO  Arcada University of Applied Sciences
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