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Arcada has established a partnership with the MyTech-programme which is coordinated by Technology Industries of Finland (Teknologiateollisuus ry).

This means that Arcada’s Department of Energy and Materials Technology can now offer various projects for participants in the MyTech programme, with the purpose to increase interest in technology.

– We want to take part in raising the interest for technology and at the same time watch new talents grow in the industry, says Mirja Andersson, Head of Department of Energy and Materials Technology.

The cooperation means that students from elementary and upper secondary schools, within the MyTech programme, can come to Arcada and take part in activity based learning projects within for example circular economy and climate change.

The learning projects, which are realised through the collaboration, are thus part of the multidisciplinary phenomenon-based teaching that the students receive in their own schools.

– The MyTech network is a good collaboration in the technology industry that strengthens the value chain between schools, universities and the technology industry.


The Department of Energy and Materials Technology

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Mirja Andersson, Head of Department