Catharina Cadwallader is a recent graduate from the Master's in Media Management.
Catharina Cadwallader is a recent graduate from the Master's in Media Management.

The application period for Arcada’s English programmes is in full swing. We checked in with Catharina Cadwallader, Youtuber and recent graduate from the Master’s programme in Media Management to get her view on the programme. How has the Master’s degree affected her career?

Catharina Cadwallader graduated from the Master’s degree programme in Media Management last summer. Cadwallader, who also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Acting, had recently moved back to Helsinki from London when she started her Master’s studies at Arcada. She appreciated the international environment of the programme and the university.

- The programme seemed interesting and suitable for me, and it was a plus that it is in English. I wanted to study media, and getting to learn management skills at the same time was an advantage, Cadwallader says.

Media Management is a 60 ECTS Master’s programme that lasts for one year, or two if the student chooses to conduct part-time studies which allows for studies alongside employment.

Cadwallader studied full-time to be able to fully focus on her studies. She found the workload to be manageable because she could devote her full concentration to the studies.

- Some courses were more challenging than others. But it was fun to challenge myself; you have to gain some self-discipline to get your assignments done.

The programme aims to give the students tools to manage with the rapidly changing media industry. Right now, Cadwallader, who is also known as the Youtuber Cat Peterson, is on maternity leave but is also working part-time with social media influencing. Working on her Master’s Thesis in Media Management has helped her career a lot, she says.

- The entire programme was very rewarding in many ways, but my biggest takeaway was everything I learned from working on my thesis. I had a great supervisor and got to do research in the field I am working in.

To get acquainted with a topic in depth, in a completely different way than in more time-limited regular courses, was something Cadwallader appreciated.

- My research really opened up social media influencing for me. I got a broader understanding and perception of the people who follow me online, how they think and how they feel.

Similar goals

Cadwallader says she would recommend the programme to anybody who works in media and would like to take on a management role.

- The programme is also suitable for people who are planning a career change. Several of the fellow students in my year were working in other fields at the time, but were striving to work in media in the future. A Master’s Degree definitely increases the chances to get a job in the industry.

Apart from her thesis work, Cadwallader feels the people was the best part of attending the programme.

- Everybody in my year had similar interests and goals, and a will to learn. It was great to meet people from the industry that we got to work together with. I really enjoyed my time at Arcada. My perception of Arcada was very positive already before I started there, and it sure is a university of applied sciences with a nice atmosphere.

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