World-leading academics and representatives from the banking sector gather at Arcada in Helsinki on 29–30 June for the third RiskLab/Bank of Finland/ESRB conference on systemic risk analysis. The conference focuses on finding new solutions to prevent new waves of financial instability in the world economy.

New analytical methods make early identification possible of vulnerabilities in economical systems that might lead to new financial crises. This field, which has seen an tremendous growth over the last few years, is constantly faced with new challenges. The need continues to increase for risk analysis on a macro level, not least since the financial sector is becoming more and more interconnected in society, and also due to recent developments within e.g. the security market and other financial technologies.

Kaj-Mikael Björk is the Head of the Department of Business Management and Analytics at Arcada and active in RiskLab Finland within the department. He welcomes the drastically increased focus on creating future stability through new technology, and is looking forward to an intense and rewarding conference.

“Today we’ve gotten to a point where tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics allow us to handle complex and/or huge amounts of data,” he says. “This can prevent financial instability as decision makers are provided with better information and can react more rapidly to changes in the world. The development within this field happens fast, and we keep becoming better at seeing the connections in various chains of events – to understand their causes and effects.

“The conference gathers leading academics and practitioners from all corners of the world. The exchange of insights, knowledge and experiences is on the absolute highest level, which is also the explanation for the conference’s continued popularity and that it attracts the world’s gathered expertise.

The conference is arranged by RiskLab, Bank of Finland and the European System Risk Bord (ESRB). This year’s conference focuses on themes such as how a zero-interest environment affects systemic risks and the opportunities and risks introduced by the recent breakthroughs in financial technology (FinTech).

Keynote speakers are:

  • Daniel Gros (Director of Centre for European Policy Studies)
  • Ross Levine (Professor at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley)
  • Erkki Liikanen (Governor of Bank of Finland)

Read more about the conference and the programme at RiskLab Finland’s homepage.

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