With their joint donation, the Ehrnrooth foundations want to support education of young people in Swedish in Finland. The donations totalling EUR 425,000, were made within the framework of Arcada's fundraising campaign, Tomorrow's Heroes – Made by Arcada.

The foundations want to support the best possible conditions for young people to realise their dreams through education, now and in the future. The donations were made with special recognition for Arcada's successful work building solid practical knowledge epertise on a strong theoretical basis.

Arcada is a multidisciplinary university that plays an important role for the higher education offering in Swedish in Finland. Arcada is, for example, the only higher education institution in Finland to educate in Swedish physiotherapists, occupational therapists and media experts specialising in film and television.

- A big thank you for the donations! This is extremely valuable support for us. We are particularly pleased that we have the shared goal of educating young people in Swedish. It also strengthens us in our belief that there is a demand for higher education offered in Swedish that is built on solid expertise and know-how, says Rector Mona Forsskåhl.

The fundraising campaign Tomorrow's Heroes - Made by Arcada and the Government's counter-financing ended 31.12.2018. The funds collected are used to strengthen Arcada's capital. Arcada's fundraising continues in 2019.

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