The spread of infection in the capital region during the second half of November went from the acceleration phase to the spread phase and there is a risk that the situation will get worse in the coming weeks.  

Arcada’s previous recommendations are already in line with the new regulations and recommendations given by the authorities on 19-20.11, and are in some respects even stricter. Nevertheless, the UAS now specifies its instructions as follows: 

  • The maximum group size in all teaching on campus is 20 people until 6.12. 

  • The group limit of 20 people per group also applies when renting out Arcada's premises until 6.12 

  • The instructions for the Arcada Hall have been updated to minimise risk of infection. 

Arcada’s staff is encouraged to work remotely, and we continue with distance education also during the spring term, with the exception of such mandatory exercises, simulations and lab work that require attendance on campus. However, the UAS continuously monitors the epidemic situation and adjusts its instructions and restrictions accordingly. 

We ask our guests and visitors to keep safe distances to others, remember good hand hygiene and to wear a face mask when visiting campus. Please stay at home if you have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.