Patrik Forsström and Larisa Govender are recent graduates from the Master’s in International Business Management.
Patrik Forsström and Larisa Govender are recent graduates from the Master’s in International Business Management.

The application period for Arcada’s English programmes starts next Monday on 2 December.  We checked in with Larisa Govender and Patrik Forsström, recent graduates from the Master’s in International Business Management to get their view on the programme and the added value of doing a master. Why did they choose to return to Arcada?

Larisa Govender and Patrik Forsström graduated from the Master’s degree programme in International Business Management at Arcada last spring. They had both been working for a few years after getting their Bachelor’s degrees, before deciding to return to Arcada.

Govender says she was attracted by the possibility of studying for a Master's degree part-time and thus being able to combine her studies with part-time work, family life and managing her own small business.

- Arcada is a very modern, international and respected school, and after already studying there before, it was a no-brainer for me to apply there for the Master's programme too. I knew that I would get a high-quality education from a university I already trusted and felt connected to.

International Business Management is a 90 ECTS Master’s Programme that lasts for either 1,5 years (full-time studies) or 3 years (part-time studies), which allows for studies alongside employment.

- The students within the IBM programme have experiences from different positions, companies and situations in the working life. That contributes to interesting discussions, creative problem solving and a spectrum of different insights, Patrik Forsström says.

Both Govender and Forsström agree that even if the programme’s workload at times could be quite heavy, it was still manageable with proper planning and time management.

- The IBM programme contains a lot of self-studies and working on projects in teams, where you can share the responsibility. The main factor in managing with the workload is good time management and consistency. It is important to not fall behind, because then it would be harder to catch up with other assignments, Govender says.

All students study a general knowledge course module, and can then choose between two unique tracks – Nordic markets and Financial technology.

- Working on interesting assignments was a refreshing and a confidence boosting experience. After completing my studies, I realised how much more possibilities there are for me and it made me excited about continuing to learn things on my own, Govender says.

Career-improving skills

Both Govender and Forsström feel that the Master’s degree has helped them take the next step in their careers.

- Immediately after graduating I was offered a job in international business and market entry in the Nordic marketplaces for a successful Swedish company. This MBA degree was a real key factor in the events leading up to taking on this new role in my career, Forsström says.

Govender says she would recommend the programme to anyone who is looking for a Master's degree programme in English with a flexible study plan and great teachers.

- This programme is excellent for people who want to grow professionally and be more up to date in their company, for people who feel stuck in their current occupation and for people who would want to look for a new career, she says.

- Arcada’s MBA gives useful and valuable practical tools and skills to anyone who really want to evolve and grow as a professional, and as a person. This programme doesn't let you down. It lifts you up and pays off on so many levels, Forsström agrees.


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