Henrika Franck. Foto: Marica Rosengård
Henrika Franck. Foto: Marica Rosengård

Arcada's Vice Rector for research and innovation, Henrika Franck, has been appointed Docent of Organisation and Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics at Åbo Akademi University.

Henrika Franck's research focuses on ethics and strategy work, specifically how individuals and groups can live according to their values ​​in work organisations despite often conflicting performance requirements.

Anette Hallin, professor of organisation and management at Åbo Akademi University, is pleased with the news.

- Henrika's knowledge of affective and ethical dimensions of organisation and management fits well into the research we conduct in the subject at Åbo Akademi University.  We look forward to welcoming her into our activities and collaborating, for example, on research applications.

 Henrika Franck (PhD) has previously been professor of practice at Aalto University, visiting researcher at Stanford and postdoctoral researcher at Hanken. Her research method is qualitative and usually ethnographic, where she goes into different work organisations and observes how people act in their everyday lives. Her research has been published in many international top journals, including the Strategic Management Journal and Organization Studies. Prior to his academic career, Franck worked as a journalist and head of communication.