The Arcada building.
The Arcada building.

Arcada's campus reopened on 3.8, but a large part of its activities has continued and will continue remotely. Arcada's security team, under the leadership of the Rector Mona Forsskåhl, has made a new assessment of the situation. Based on a comprehensive risk assessment and in the light of the recent development of the spread of infection in society, and in particular the Helsinki region, the following guidelines have been established and are in force until further notice.

  •  All lectures are arranged online to avoid large groups gathering and being exposed to infection, also on the way to and from campus.
  • Practical exercises and group work are arranged on campus when they clearly add value to the teaching.
  • All students who are in the region are offered the opportunity to participate in exercises in small groups on campus to promote both motivation and psychosocial well-being. During such exercises, the responsible teacher or group leader should make sure and remind the group that all safety regulations are followed.
Counselling and other services with visiting hours on campus (see also the section on Campus and facilities)
  • Counselling and other services on campus are carried out taking into account safety distances and other safety regulations. If counselling and other services on campus cannot be arranged in a safe way, they are arranged remotely using digital tools.

Remote work and travel
  • In accordance with the Government's recommendation, staff are encouraged to work remotely when possible. All departments and teams at Arcada are still available as usual by e-mail and telephone during working hours.
  • Business trips abroad are not made at all at the moment. A new situation assessment will be made at the end of September.
  • The UAS strongly recommends that students and staff also cancel and refrain from unnecessary private travel at least until the end of September.
  • Before visiting campus, people who have traveled abroad must be in a two-week voluntary quarantine and thus not visit the campus during that time.
Face masks
  • Students, staff and visitors must use mouth guards on campus in all situations where a sufficient safety distance (1.5–2 m) cannot be maintained. Staff are provided with washable face masks and students are advised to obtain their own, but will be offered reusable, washable face masks for classes on campus.
  • Do not come to campus if you have symptoms typical of COVID-19.
  • If you experience symptoms typical of COVID-19 while on campus, go home immediately. You can use the OmaOlo service to assess your symptoms, get further instructions and make an appointment for a test via the service.
External guests and customers
  • During the autumn, Arcada does not receive guests or external customers directly from abroad on campus. Guests must have been quarantined or stayed in the country for at least 14 days and should inform themselves about Arcada's safety regulations before coming to campus.
  • During the autumn, Arcada can arrange and host events only if sufficient security can be guaranteed.
  • For each desired or planned event on campus with external guests, also larger events off campus, where Arcada is one of several co-organisers, a separate risk assessment is made.
  • Representational tasks - everyone within Arcada's staff can, with a low threshold, say no to social gatherings for work purposes with reference to Arcada's guidelines.
External events / rentals
  • The rental business continues but follows the same guidelines for security as all other activities and takes place primarily outside teaching hours. The terms are communicated to the customer.

Campus and facilities

The opening hours for the campus return to normal (weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm, the front doors are closed for external guests at 6.30 pm) to enable the spread of activities on campus across the day. For all activities on campus, the following safety measures must be ensured:

  • Safe distances - always keep a sufficient distance to people in the same room (1.5–2 m). Feel free to remind each other to keep a safe distance. Avoid queues and crowds.
  • Good hand hygiene - everyone who visits the campus should wash their hands on arrival and often during the day. Hand disinfectants are located on campus and should always be used when hand washing is not possible.
  • Everyone who visits the campus should sneeze and cough in their sleeve if they need to.
  • All rooms may be used to a maximum of 40% of their normal capacity.
  • Face masks must always be used when sufficient safety distances cannot be maintained.
  • Those who visit campus are asked to use the stairs if they can. Avoid the elevators especially if it gets crowded.
Lunch restaurant
  • The lunch restaurant is open at 7.30-15.00 with lunch service at 10.45-13.00.
  • One of the toilets next to the restaurant will be reserved for hand washing.
  • The number of seats will be less than usual to guarantee safe distances.
Meeting rooms, group rooms and equipment
  • Fewer seats than normal are in use to guarantee safe distances.
  • Meeting rooms and group rooms are ventilated / aired between groups.
  • Shared equipment (eg keyboard, lab equipment, studio technology) is disinfected between groups.
Arcada Hall (the university's activities in the hall)
  • No contact sports are arranged during period 1.
  • The sauna is closed during lecture hours.
  • The test lab is closed until the end of September when a new situation analysis is made.
  • The gym is only used for educational purposes under the supervision of teachers until the end of September when a new situation analysis is made.