Arcada's commercial banners became bags and small cases.
Arcada's commercial banners became bags and small cases.

Steps towards becoming an even more environmentally friendly university of applied sciences were taken this spring through a co-operation between Arcada and the Finnish design company Globe Hope. Arcada's old advertisement material has now seen new life as bags and cases in support of sustainable development.

Globe Hope specializes in eco-friendly design and the idea to recycle advertisement material used in Arcada's previous campaigns was born during early spring in a rather unusual context.

"Since we're currently renewing Arcada's web shop we also made an thorough evaluation of the products we're offering. During those discussions the idea was born to rather recycle old material than to have new ones manufactured from scratch. We decided to reuse our colourful commercial banners that have previously been used inside the Arcada building," Campus host Ceti Hassleman, who got in touch with Globe Hope, explains.

The company jumped at the chance to make colourful canvas bags and pencil cases, that can also be used as a make-up case or why not a small wallet or travel case. All products are unique and only offered in limited quantities. 

"I'm happy about this initiative and the opportunity to also recycle old commercial material. This allows us to offer unique products in the Arcada Shop, and we also hope to find more smart solutions in the same vein in the future," Communications Director Gunilla Sjöberg says.

Arcada's own ecological design products are sold at: