Due to the accelerating spread of infection in the capital region, which means that Helsinki is now in the spreading phase, the government has on 26 November published new regulations and guidelines. In line with the new instructions, Arcada will also update its instructions for 30.11-15.12.2020. 

 Until 15.12.2020, the following applies: 

  •  The campus is closed to all external guests and visitors. Only Arcada's own staff and students have access to the main building and the other campus facilities. 

  • All teaching takes place remotely. All on-campus education is cancelled with the exception of exams and exercises that are critically necessary for the students to complete their studies, to be able to complete a planned internship or to avoid that the students' studies are delayed by an entire period. All groups are limited to 10 people. 

  •  Students are encouraged to minimise their stay on campus. The library will be available for lending and the lunch restaurant will, if possible, be open to students and staff - but only with take-away service. 

Through these measures, Arcada wants to ensure a safe study and work environment for its students and staff. As a university of applied sciences, Arcada wants to bear its responsibility to stop the spread of infection in the surrounding community. This means that everyone must bear their personal responsibility and do what they can to curb the spread of infection, without forgetting other dimensions of health and well-being in society. Arcada's management actively monitors the situation and is prepared to adjust the guidelines if the situation so requires. 

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