Iris (Tuuli Heinonen) in Anonyma kärleksarbetare. Photo: Jodie Sinclair
Iris (Tuuli Heinonen) in Anonyma kärleksarbetare. Photo: Jodie Sinclair

Four short films created by Arcada's media students can now be watched on Yle Areena.

During the past year, Arcada has actively worked to start collaborations with various distributors with the intention of providing the opportunity for visibility for the students and their productions. The fact that student productions are shown on Yle's platform is a result of those efforts.

- This is a significant quality improvement for our education that immediately has an impact among our students. They notice that they no longer only create for themselves, but have to react to the fact that an audience have the chance to see their work, says Fred Nordström, degree programme director for film and media.

The collaboration also opens up other opportunities for continued collaboration between the degree programmes and the mass media.

The films that now are available on Areena are:

Anonyma kärleksarbetare (fiction), directed by Sofie Häkkinen.

Havet framåt bär (dokumentary), directed by Kenneth Mattila.

Lär dej svenska, konstnär! (dokumentary), directed by Marlon Saares.

The Barber (fiction), directed by Theo af Enehielm.