On 15 August Arcada University of Applied Sciences embraced a new organizational model, which is also strengthened by five new recruitments. When the academic year begins Arcada will have two new vice rectors, a new director of contract education and continuous learning, a new director of communication and a new head for the new Department of Health Care.

“The applications we’ve received have been of the highest quality. The chosen candidates for the positions are, without exceptions, highly qualified and committed to the tasks at hand,” Arcada’s Rector and CEO Mona Forsskåhl says.
She’s very pleased about the great interest shown for the positions, which is a clear indication that Arcada both has created a positive image and communicated its values clearly.

The new organizational model now includes two vice rectors, each with a specified area of responsibility. The position as vice rector for education has been filled by Principal Lecturer Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer. Rosenbröijer brings vast leadership experience from both the business and academic worlds, and has during the last years functioned as the degree programme director for the Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Management at Arcada.

Henrika Franck, previously Professor of Practice at Aalto University, has been chosen as the new vice rector for research and innovation. Franck has conducted research in ethical leadership and strategic work, and will support and lead Arcada’s already thriving research activities. Part of her assignment will revolve around making Arcada’s ground-breaking research even better known.

Lotta Wikman, with her wide sales, consultancy and leadership experience, was chosen for the position as director of contract education and continuous learning. Wikman’s most recently worked as country manager for Wolf in Finland, and she also has previous experience of working with management tasks internationally.

The position as head of communication has been filled by Hanna Donner, previously head of marketing at Hanken School of Economics. Donner’s work will mainly revolve around continuing to strengthen and develop Arcada’s brand.

Principal Lecturer Maria Forss has been selected as the head of the new Department of Healthcare at Arcada. Forss is an expert in health promotion, leadership and organizational development, and has during the last years been head of the Master’s Degree Programme in Health Promotion at Arcada.

Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer, Lotta Wikman, Hanna Donner and Maria Forss assumed their new positions on August 15th. Henrika Franck joins Arcada on September 3rd.

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Rector and CEO for Arcada UAS
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