Picture of a thermometer.
Picture of a thermometer.

Arcada participates in the efforts to limit the the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic by donating and lending out medical equipment. The healthcare professionals among staff are also ready to go on duty. The university of applied sciences is doing its utmost to reduce the societal consequences of the ongoing pandemic. 

Arcada participates in the effort to alleviate the lack of medical equipment caused by the corona crisis. Equipment from the healthcare programmes’ learning environments has been donated and lent to a hospital to be used in the care of corona patients. During spring, Arcada has contributed with, among other things, face masks and protective clothing to Laakso Hospital in Helsinki. 

- Since the campus is closed until at least 13 May, and our programmes are delivered online, we have equipment that at the moment isn’t in use. We are happy to be able to assist in every way during these times, says Annika Skogster, Senior Lecturer in Nursing. 

Many students and alumni from Arcada’s healthcare programmes are right now making a great effort in their workplaces as, for example, nurses and paramedics. In addition, many lecturers in the field of healthcare are also prepared for work duty in order to alleviate the shortage of healthcare professionals if needed. 

- We also have students who have discontinued their practical training in order to work in hospitals that have an urgent need for nurses. We strive for these students to get credit towards their degrees for their work experience, says Skogster. 

Arcada has also investigated the need for and opportunities to produce protective equipment in its production lab. So far, production has not been started, but Arcada is prepared to further investigate the opportunities if the need arises. 

Since last week, the UAS is offering courses and guidance for free to the unemployed and temporarily laid off. The aim is to limit the societal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Focus is now placed on developing courses that specifically meet the needs the guidance counsellors have identified.