U-Multirank Badge for Top 25 performers 2020.
U-Multirank Badge for Top 25 performers 2020.

Arcada ranks in the top 25 in a global comparison of 1900 higher education institutions. The ranking concerns the UAS’s research collaboration. 

Arcada is a global top 25 performer in the area Co-publications with industrial partners when U-Multirank publishes its ranking lists for 2020. U-Multirank is a multidimensional, user-driven web tool run on behalf of the European Commission. 

Over 1900 higher education institutions from 92 countries have been assessed according to criteria such as teaching and learning, research and collaboration. The award is a proof of active engagement with the surrounding community, and highlights Arcada’s close collaboration with both companies and organisations. Arcada also performs well in the comparison of international co-publications and top cited publications. 

- We are very proud that Arcada, as one of the smallest universities of applied sciences in Finland, can have this kind of impact. The result reflects the fact that we conduct high quality research with societal relevance. Arcada is a trusted partner in applied research. We appreciate the long-term collaborations our researchers do for and together with other parts of the community, says Arcada’s Rector Mona Forsskåhl. 

U-Multirank offers a comprehensive perspective of all different aspects of the activities at higher education institutions. The ranking is developed and implemented by an independent consortium of institutions of higher education in Europe and is supported by the European Commission. 

Read more about the ranking:  www.umultirank.org

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