Turku Data Science Meetup, Turku Machine Learning and AI meetup, Infolytika Ventures and Arcada are joining forces to organize an event on artificial intelligence in Turku on Wednesday 9 August.


Artificial intelligence already has revolutionary effects on society today, and is predicted to even surpass the effects of the industrial revolution in the future. Just like the industrial revolution replaced manual labor, the artificial intelligence revolution will replace humankind’s intelligence.


”In 20 years we’ll have reached the point where most work tasks previously handled by humans, will have been replaced by a machine and artificial intelligence. This is why we need to change our attitude towards this development”, says Jaakko Vainio from Lokus Digital Oy.


Finland, which is a small but highly technological society, is one of the countries that can benefit from these new opportunities. The field is still relatively new, which means that also smaller actors can do well in the competition.


“Many Finnish tech companies represent the latest global expertise in AI today, and have also received widespread international acclaim,” Peter Sarlin says, CEO at Infolytika Ventures and researcher at Arcada.


The increase in both the interest in and importance of artificial intelligence over the years has seen experts gather for network in so called meetups. These meetups have been organized all over the world with varying themes.


”These Meetups around the world have served as the best information portals, and has also helped in the creation of a common culture. It has been a true privilege and joy to follow this development, as well as having actively partaken in the meetup scenes’ establishment in Finland and in the rest of the world”, says Eero Laaksonen from Valohai Oy.


In Turku there are roughly 10 different IT meetups. Two of these, Turku Data Science Meetup and Turku Machine Learning and AI Meetup will now be joining forces with Infolytika Ventures and Arcada University of Applied Sciences. This collaboration forms the basis for the Turku.ai community, which aims to benefit from and develop the artificial intelligence movement in Turku and in the rest of Finland.


Their next event will take place on 9 August, 17.30, at Infolytika Ventures’ offices in Werstas. The speakers include Professor Amaury Lendasse, University of Iowa and visiting professor at Arcada, and Niko Vuokko from Eniram Oy.


Additional Information:


Peter Sarlin, 0405727670, peter@infolytika.com

Jaakko Vainio, 0503025321, jaakko@lokusdigital.fi

Eero Laaksonen, 0415037022, eero@valohai.com


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