After two months of courses online and remote activitites, Arcada gradually starts to re-open campus starting from 14.5. All teaching will continue online throughout the spring semester and staff will continue to work from home in accordance with the government’s recommendation.

The planned phases and guidelines will be adjusted if necessary if new national restrictions are given. Compass Group that runs our student restaurant, will not open until August.

We ask anyone who visits campus to remember the importance of good hand hygiene and to maintain an adequate safe distance to others. Please do not visit campus at all if you have any cold symptoms. Everyone who is in a risk group, or has a person in the same household who is in a risk group, is urged to pay extra attention and completely avoid coming to campus as long as the risk of infection is imminent.

Phase 1: 14.5–30.5

  • All courses will continue online until the end of the spring semester.
  • Only the staff has access to the campus.

Phase 2: 1.6-10.7

  • Summer courses are arranged online. Those who have registered for summer courses will be given detailed instructions by the course coordinators.
  • Students who need access to the campus to complete their thesis or project should contact their supervisor.


  • The switchboard is available for calls from 10 am to 2 pm (10-14) on weekdays.

Phase 3: 1.8-31.8

  • Campus will be open for both students and staff.
  • We recommend that you visit campus only when online options are not at hand.