Helsinki EU Office logo.
Helsinki EU Office logo.

Arcada has signed a long-term agreement with the Helsinki EU Office. The office supervises the interests of its members in Brussels, and promotes cooperation in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The membership promotes Arcada’s ability to become a globally relevant leader in education and research.  

On May 1, 2020, Arcada became a member of the Helsinki EU Office, the joint office in Brussels for the City of Helsinki, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (Uudenmaan liitto) and several universities and other key players in the metropolitan region. 

The Helsinki EU office supervises the member organizations’ interests, promotes their visibility in various forums within the European Union and actively monitors, among other things, European research and innovation policy. 

Michael von Bugoslawski, Strategy Advisor at Arcada, is very pleased with the new agreement. 

- This membership gives Arcada a broader and deeper opportunity to promote its strategy to become globally relevant and a bridge-builder in the Nordic region. The network that Helsinki EU Office offers opens up ways to collaborate that benefit Arcada’s, and Finland’s, goal of being a world leader in education and research. 

Helsinki's EU Office provides information on opportunities for collaboration and networking, and together with its partners, it participates in European networks for e.g. research and innovation activities. 

- The collaboration also enables enhanced cooperation within the Helsinki region, says von Boguslawski. 

The Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) also became a member of Helsinki EU Office at the same time as Arcada. The office now has 16 member organizations.