Jan Nåhls.
Jan Nåhls.

Jan Nåls, principal lecturer in Media Culture at Arcada, has been elected to the board of Finlandssvenskt filmcentrum.

Finlandssvenskt filmcentrum (loosely translated as ‘The film center of the Swedish speaking community of Finland’)  is an organisation that works for vibrant film culture in Swedish in Finland and strives to make the Fenno-Swedish film well-known on different levels.

In Finlandssvenskt filmcentrum, Jan Nåls wants to contribute new perspectives on film from an educational perspective – both locally, nationally and internationally.

- The Swedish film in Finland faces great challenges, but also great opportunities, just like the industry at large as the concept of film expands and changes. The Fenno-Swedish film is a small part of a global industry, but at the same time our minority perspective can be a valuable resource, especially because of our natural Nordic collaboration, says Nåls.

The film center wants to inform the general public and decision makers about Fenno-Swedish film, and to promote an increased range of Nordic films and films in Swedish in Finland. The organisation also wants to remind the film industry and decision makers about the need for, among other things, Swedish subtitling of films, grants for film production in Swedish and the need for Swedish versions of international children’s movies.

As the only institution in Finland offering film and media education in Swedish, Arcada is a key player for the industry in the future, according to Nåls.

- The focus and pedagogy of the education affects the Fenno-Swedish film both now and in the future through collaborations with other parties, but also in a concrete way through staff and students and their activities. The future of the 'Finlandssvensk film' lies with the young filmmakers, and I would like to highlight their voice in the film center’s activities.

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