Maria Forss
Maria Forss

Megatrends such as privatisation, digitalisation and demographic changes call for improved leadership skills in the social and healthcare sector. Arcada’s new Master’s degree programme Leadership for Nordic Healthcare is a direct response to the new demands which leaders in the social and healthcare sector face. 

Arcada launches its new online Master’s degree programme Leadership for Nordic Healthcare in response to the changing social and healthcare sector. The programme starts in autumn 2020. Dr Maria Forss, Head of Department of Healthcare, describes the new skills required of leaders in the field.

- Leadership and being a manager in the social and healthcare sector have a completely different meaning today than it did only a few years ago. The challenges are more complex and decisions have big implications both in the short and the long run. Leaders must be able to manage change and cope with stress in a different way. The ability to network is also key, Forss says.

At the core of the ongoing change is the increased privatisation of social and healthcare services. The transition from public service providers, such as the state and municipalities, to companies, has had an effect on clients as well as employees.

Arcada with its strong ties to the Nordics is, according to Forss, a self-evident “home” for master studies in healthcare which combine both a Nordic and a leadership perspective.

- All of the Nordic countries face similar possibilities and struggles relating to demographics, digitalisation and economic developments. This common Nordic landscape for future healthcare arrangements offers us a dynamic and interesting starting point for learning and exploring different best practices. Arcada has a wide Nordic network, which we can make use of in the programme. What is more, we have a lot of experience when it comes to leadership in the social and healthcare sector.

The idea is that the students on the programme are able to complete their studies alongside work. Thus, all components of the programme are conducted online.

- With three years of experience of delivering degrees online, it is safe to say that we know how it works and how to support and supervise our students even though they may be in another country. We welcome students holding a Bachelor’s degree in various fields of the social and healthcare sector, Forss says.

The time for the application to the programme is 2.12.2019–13.3.2020. Find out more at:

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