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Banner Morgondagens Hjältar - Made by Arcada

The decision on the state's counter-financing for the UASs’ fundraising has been taken. Arcada, with its total of 6.23 MEUR in donations, tops the list when looking at funds raised in relation to institution size. The result also entitles to the full amount of state counter-financing.

The funds raised in combination with the state’s counter-financing will strengthen Arcada's core capital by a total of EUR 10.2 million. The return from these funds will be used to continue developing both the education and the research.

- I felt an enormous sense of pride when I heard the news. It goes to show that small can be strong and that the experts we educate and the research we conduct are valued in society. We can by no means lean back and relax, but rather switch to another gear to fulfil the expectations and trust that have been placed on us, says Rector Mona Forsskåhl.

The campaign that led to the outstanding result was also the starting point for in-depth cooperation.

- It is very rewarding to now see the result of our goal-oriented work. Arcada has managed to establish many valuable contacts, so the campaign has also paid off in terms of potential for cooperation, emphasizes fundraising manager Susanna Grönblom.

The UAS in Finland collected a total of 28.3 MEUR. The state's counter-financing consisted of EUR 24 MEUR, with a maximum of 4 MEUR reserved per UAS. Arcada will continue the fundraising.

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