Last year Tio University of Applied Sciences introduced an award for partner universities offering excellent exchange and co-operation opportunities. For the second year running the Dutch UAS chose Arcada as it’s “Excellence partner” of the year.

In a statement accompanying the award Tio spoke highly of Arcada’s commitment and the excellent co-operation between the two UASs, which supports student, teacher and personnel mobility within its exclusive network of partner universities.

On site in Geneva to accept the honorary award was Arcada’s International Co-ordinator Kátia Torres Airava.
”Tio is a one of the highest ranked UASs in the Netherlands, and one of our key partners. To be recognized as the leading partner by such a prestigious university of applied sciences – not to mention for the second year running – is a great honour,” Torres Aivara says.

The award is based on Tio’s students’ and teachers’ experiences during exchanges at partner universities, the number of student exchanges each year and aspects such as the level of service to students, contact with the international office and the flow of information.

“Our aim is to make the visit at Arcada a positive experience by offering the best possible services and information. So it feels very rewarding to find out that the exchange students, teachers and personnel from Tio appreciate the quality of our education and enjoy their stay, both at Arcada and in Finland,” Torres Aivara concludes.

Arcada co-operates with over 90 partner universities and UASs all over the world, and value the benefits and increase in quality that a successful international co-operation brings to our education.