Graduates receiving their alumni diplomas.
Graduates receiving their alumni diplomas.

A total of 282 students completed their degree at Arcada during the spring semester, despite the challenging scenario caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation does not seem to have had a significant effect on Arcada’s number of graduating students.

The fact that the number of graduates is in line with previous years shows that Arcada’s investment in those who were in the final stages of their studies has been successful. Both students and staff can look back on the semester with pride.

- I am both satisfied and proud of this result. The students who were in the final stages of their studies have been diligent and focused on their thesis projects. Those who have had national tests to pass have also succeeded in carrying them out as planned. The students are worthy of great praise for the effort, says Rector Mona Forsskåhl.

It is a real achievement to complete your degree when all classes and activities have been moved online. Anastasia Romanova, who graduated from International Business, and Walter Ekegren, who graduated as an engineer, received their alumni diplomas from the Rector in June when they visited Arcada for the first time as alumni.

- We both only had the thesis project left this spring, so we might have been lucky in this situation. Had we had more classes left to complete, the situation might have been more challenging. But the communication and interaction with Arcada has run very smoothly during the spring, the two graduates agree.

Among Arcada's alumni, the employment rate is good. The new alumni say that despite the uncertain situation of the labour market, they feel ready to take on new challenges. Romanova continues to work in the marketing industry and Ekegren moves to Sweden for master's studies.

Arcada’s warmest congratulations to everyone who graduated!