International Business Management


Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area are required to pay tuition fees. A master’s degree programme (60–90 ECTS credits) at Arcada costs 4,500 euros/semester during the first academic year and then 2,000 euro/semester thereafter.

Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Management (90 ECTS) 

What is International Business Management?

    • A Master’s programme with two unique tracks:
      • Nordic markets: A track focusing on the expanding Nordic market
      • Fintech (NEW 2016): A track on financial technology with a focus on analytics
      • A programme that emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills
      • An opportunity to advance your existing career or embark on a new one

      A modern Master’s with two tracks

      The Master’s Programme in International Business Management is 90 ECTS with studies that last for 2-3 years. The programme requires part-time studies, which allows enrolment while working. The two tracks provide a basis for leading business activities in two fields. To achieve this, the curriculum includes a common knowledge module and a choice between two separate skill module tracks, one on Nordic markets and one on financial technology (Fintech). The degree programme's strong emphasis on combining practical skills with theoretical knowledge gives you all the tools required for advancing your existing career or embarking on a new one. Read more about the Master's Degree Programme in International Business Management by following the links on the left.

      Nordic markets

      Arcada is the only University of Applied Sciences in Finland with a Master’s degree programme in English which focuses on the Nordic business environment. If you or your employer view the Nordic market as an interesting opportunity for personal or business growth, then this track is what you are looking for. The Nordic business environment is a natural context for Finnish companies to either start or to develop their international business activities. In a more global world the locality becomes paradoxically more important. Knowledge of cultural similarities and differences is an important aspect of managing businesses in this region. A large number of lectures are given by Nordic experts and industry participants, such as ambassadors, trade experts, consultants, active business executives and more. The programme also offers you the possibility to conduct part of your studies at a Nordic partner university. After graduating with this master's track you will have a solid base to establish and lead business activities in a Nordic country.


      The Master’s degree programme is unique in its focus on financial technology, or Fintech. If you or your employer are interested in the disruptive revolution in financial services, then this track is particularly suitable for you. Fintech refers to technology-enabled financial services applied to a range of areas, such as payments, deposits, lending, insurance, market provisioning, capital raising and investment management. The program covers the whole range of topics, but focuses particularly on the use of data and analytics in the financial services industry. A large number of lectures are given by industry participants, spanning the full spectrum of stakeholders, such as startups, investors, banks, regulators and more. This Master’s track provides a starting point for establishing and leading business activities in the field of financial technology.

        A second perspective

        To find out more about what it is like to study International Business Management at Arcada, watch the video or click on the pictures below to read interviews with students!


        Interested in applying?

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        Qualification awarded: 
        Master of Business Administration (MBA)
        Contact person: 
        Dr.Sc. (Econ.), Principal Lecturer Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer

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