Global Health Care


Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area are required to pay tuition fees. A master’s degree programme (60–90 ECTS credits) at Arcada costs 4,500 euros/semester during the first academic year and then 2,000 euro/semester thereafter.

Master's Degree Programme in Global Health Care (90 ECTS)

Are you interested in global health and specifically in questions regarding crises preparedness and management? Are you already working in this field and looking to gain new competences and take on new responsibilities? Are you a health care professional looking to widen your horizons and make a difference through national and international crisis management initiatives? If so, Arcada’s new and exciting Master’s Degree Programme in Global Health Care might be exactly what you are looking for!

The degree programme is aimed at students who wish to develop their skills and competences to be able to act in training, leading and developing positions in the field of disaster management and preparedness.

The programme, which has a clear focus on leadership and management, not only offers you a solid overview of global health problems, ranging from tropical diseases to HIV and AIDS. As a graduate you are also qualified for key positions in emergency and disaster management both at home and abroad, and you will be well versed in advanced research and innovation in regards to this field.

Our graduates will be trained in four professional competence areas including:

- Evidence based Global Health, ethics and values
- Global health research and development
- Global health policies and actors
- Incident and Emergency Condition work

A modern education

Global Health Care is a joint degree programme, which Arcada offers together with the University of Eastern Africa Baraton (in Kenya) and the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (in Finland).

The studies will mainly be implemented as virtual studies by using modern learning technology. Lectures, coaching and assignments are handled on-line, which means that this is a fantastic opportunity to study while working. There are also scheduled learning symposiums and seminars where you will meet your fellow teachers and students in person (the programme begins with intensive learning symposium in Kenya, for example). For students unable to attend these gatherings, virtual alternatives will be offered.

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Interested in applying?

If you are interested in applying to this Master's degree programme, please note that the next application period is earliest in 2018. 

For detailed information about the application process, eligibility, timetable and required enclosures, please see Application and Admission

Contact person: 
LicNSc, principal lecturer Gun-Britt Lejonqvist

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