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The Master's degree programme in

Media Management

A successful media manager needs to have a multidisciplinary understanding of the media, based on economics, technology and culture


Master of Culture and Arts




1 year


60 credits

Language profile


The Degree Programme in Media Management is taught in English.


Tuition Fees

Non-European Union/EEA: Yes

Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area are required to pay tuition fees.  This master’s degree programme, consisting of 60 ECTS, costs 10 000€. Applicants that accept their study place within two weeks after receiving their study place offer, get an early-bird discount worth 4 000€ for the first academic year.

In case a student is unable to complete the degree within the given study time, the student needs to pay 2 000€ per each extra semester until the degree is completed.

No scholarships are offered for master level studies.

Study benefits

Please note that master students are not entitled to study-related social benefits such as discount tickets for HSL, VR or Matkahuolto unless you are a member of the student union ASK. However, the Kela Meal Subsidy Card is granted to all degree students. More detailed information about these discounts is found in Arcadas study guide. 


You can familiarize yourself with the current curriculum and courses below, but keep in mind that changes might be made for the next academic year.

More detailed information about the degree programme can also be found at Arcada’s digital study guide

Are you looking for tools to manage the rapidly changing media industry? Or do you find yourself in the media industry struggling to see the bigger picture?

New technology and changing consumer behaviour offer unlimited opportunities for people able to respond to the creative and managerial challenges. A media manager today does not necessarily have an educational background in media or culture. We believe that a successful media manager needs to have a multidisciplinary understanding of the media, based on economics, technology and culture. Management is about finding appropriate resources, and working with and through other people to accomplish organizational goals.

The Master’s programme in Media Management at Arcada gives you the opportunity to combine studies with full-time employment. It presents you with real-life cases and projects useful to a manager in any media-related company. Some courses, such as your master's thesis, can be tailored to benefit both you and your employer. About 25 % of the programme consists of scheduled tuition in class and 75 % of the programme is conducted as independent/online studies. The programme can be completed in one year as full-time studies or two years as part-time studies.

Strategies and innovations in media are intimately linked to research and development. An important part of the curriculum is to plan and accomplish your own development project in the form of a Master’s Thesis. In the process you will learn to identify problems, ask relevant questions, and report and communicate your findings in a way that meets the academic standards and is relevant to the industry. The aim of the thesis project is to advance the operations or management methods of a creative company or content industrial actors in general. In other words, your master’s education can be seen as a wise investment for your employer, if you are currently in the business.

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Additional education offers

Master's level courses

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Specialisation studies

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In short

What you will learn

  • Management and leadership
  • Media economics
  • Media innovations 
  • Digital mediascape
  • Problem-solving and knowledge production
  • To predict market trends and industry development
  • Develop content, technology and business models
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring managerial strategies 

Examples of future positions

Graduates will be able to work with a wide variety of tasks, including conventional managerial functions, e.g. analysis and planning in both private and public media. Positions could also include media consultants, communication analysts or research. As the master programme is international, graduates have a larger labour market as their arena.

From a student's perspective


Jose Sánchez

Has studied Media Management

- It’s easy to stay motivated when you’re studying something that translates directly to your work and gives you tools to take on the challenges you’re facing.

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Specialize according to your own interests

The Master’s thesis (30 ECTS) is preferably a research report on a development project for a media organization. This organization can be the student’s employer, the student’s own company or some other organization in the media industry that the student can collaborate with. Thesis work gives the student a chance to specialize according to personal background and interests.

Expertise in high demand

The Master’s Degree Programme in Media Management provides you with skills, competences and knowledge needed for the challenges in the new media environment. The education gives you a unique opportunity to integrate your previous studies and professional experience with fresh in-depth knowledge.

You will also find yourself in a research-oriented environment. Media Management is a rapidly growing research field that analyses the economic, cultural and technological transformations and tendencies in the media industry. At Arcada University of Applied Sciences we are currently doing research around Media Platforms, Sharing Economy and Blockchain Technology, among other.

The Department of Culture and Media

The Department of Culture and Media inspires creativity and innovation. Through regular contact with lecturers, researchers and industry leaders, students develop professional and analytical abilities that will give them the edge in  cultural and media sectors.

At Arcada, we make it our priority to educate professionals in online media, film, television and cultural management. In our department we have a total of over 300 students within the programmes Media Culture, Cultural Management and Media Management.

Tomas Träskman

Tomas Träskman, MA

Head of Department and Degree Programme Director, Media Management

+358 294 282 599