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The Master's degree programme in

International Business Management


Master of Business Administration (MBA)




1,5 or 3 years



Language profile


The degree programme in International Business Management is taught in English

Tuition Fees

Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area are required to pay tuition fees.  This master’s degree programme, consisting of 90 ECTS, costs 11 000€. Applicants that accept their study place within two weeks after receiving their study place offer, get an early-bird discount worth 4 000€ for the first academic year.

In case a student is unable to complete the degree within the given study time, the student needs to pay 4 000€ per each extra semester until the degree is completed.

No scholarships are offered for master level studies.


You can familiarize yourself with the current curriculum and courses below, but keep in mind that changes might be made for the next academic year.

More detailed information about the degree programme can also be found at Arcada’s digital study guide

Do you see a future in either the Nordic market or in the Financial Technology sector? Are you interested in developing your competences through a programme that emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills? Are you looking for an opportunity to advance your existing career or embark on a new one? If so, then this is the programme for you!

The Master’s Programme in International Business Management is 90 ECTS with studies that last for either 1,5 years (full-time studies) or 3 years (part-time studies), which allows for studying alongside full-time employment. All students study a general knowledge course module, and can then choose between two unique tracks – Nordic markets and Financial technology.

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In short

Focus areas

Nordic Markets

Arcada is the only University of Applied Sciences in Finland with a master’s degree programme in English which focuses on the Nordic business environment. If you or your employer view the Nordic market as an interesting opportunity for personal or business growth, then this degree is what you are looking for. The Nordic business environment is a natural context for Finnish companies to either start or to develop their international business activities. 


If you or your employer are interested in the disruptive revolution in financial services, then this track is particularly suitable for you. Fintech refers to technology-enabled financial services applied to a range of areas, such as payments, deposits, lending, insurance, market provisioning, capital raising and investment management. The program covers the whole range of topics, but focuses particularly on the use of data and analytics in the financial services industry.

What you will learn

  • Customer Relationship and Service Management
  • Finance in a Management Context
  • Digital Marketing
  • eBusiness and Distribution
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Analyzing the Nordic business environment (Nordic markets)
  • Planning and preparing market entry in a Nordic country (Nordic markets)
  • Establishing and developing your market position in a Nordic country (Nordic markets)
  • An overview of Fintech in the past, present and future (Fintech)
  • Fintech for financial transactions (Fintech)
  • Analytics and data for Fintech (Fintech)

Examples of future positions

  • Marketing Manager/Director
  • Customer Relationship Manager/Director 
  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director 
  • Nordic Country Manager/Director 
  • Nordic Business Manager/Director 
  • Strategic Marketing Manager/Director

From a student's perspective


Charlotta Jakobsson

- The competences you gain through your studies open many doors and for me they will hopefully lay the groundwork for taking on new responsibilities at my work place.

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An education for the future

Specialize according to your own interests

The Master’s thesis project (30 ECTS) consists of a development or research project for a client or your employer followed by a thesis report. You start working on your thesis project during the second year of the degree programme, and get to show your capability of systematically performing a project with a practical problem as a starting point. Based on the development needs of the client/employer you then develop the thesis project in close co-operation with your supervisor and contact person at the commissioning company. 

A solid foundation for your future career

The Master’s programme focuses on two highly relevant matters in today’s business world: while the Nordic business environment provides new opportunities for companies, the field of Fintech is experiencing tremendous growth in the coming years. By participating in this programme you will significantly broaden your opportunities for career advancement.

The Department of Business Management and Analytics

Exciting opportunities, a truly international atmosphere and business contacts are key when it comes to the degree programmes within The Department of Business Management and Analytics. Here you will find over 700 MBA, BBA and engineering students that are preparing themselves for the modern business world.

At our department researchers, teachers and students work side by side in different research, development and innovation projects. We aim to produce solutions for the business world and co-operate with various companies. One of our new priority areas is business development and information analysis.

Henrik Nyman

Degree Programme Director, International Business Management

+358 294 282 706
Linn Hongell

Linn Hongell

Head of Department, Business Management and Analytics

+358 294 282 524