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The Master's degree programme in

Global Health Care


Master of Health Care




1,5 years



Language profile


The Degree Programme in Global Health Care is taught in English

Tuition Fees

Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area are required to pay tuition fees. This master’s degree programme, consisting of 90 ECTS, costs 11 000€. 

No scholarships are offered for master level studies.

Are you interested in global health and specifically in questions regarding crises preparedness and management? Are you a health care professional looking to widen your horizons and make a difference through national and international crisis management initiatives?

This degree programme is aimed at you who wish to develop your skills and competences to be able to act in training, leading and developing positions in the field of disaster management and preparedness. It is designed to respond to the challenges faced by people on planet Earth due to climate change, rapid population growth, threats of terrorism, industrial development, and rural and urban development trends as experienced in both North and South countries. 

The programme, which has a clear focus on leadership and management, offers you a solid overview of global health problems, ranging from tropical diseases to HIV and AIDS. As a graduate you are also qualified for key positions in emergency and disaster management both at home and abroad, and you will be well versed in advanced research and innovation in regards to this field. 

The degree can be completed in 1,5 years as full-time studies or 2,5 years as part-time studies. The studies will mainly be implemented as virtual studies by using modern learning technology. Lectures, coaching and assignments are handled on-line.

The programme is aimed at candidates with a suitable bachelor’s degree in nursing or related health sciences, such as midwifery, occupational therapy, public health nursing, physiotherapy, paramedics or social services.

Please note that master students are not entitled to study-related social benefits such as discount tickets for HSL, VR or Matkahuolto. However, the Kela Meal Subsidy Card is granted to all degree students. More detailed information about these discounts is found in Arcadas study guide.   

In addition, the student card can be ordered from Arcada´s student union ASK. However, this student card will not entitle to discounts for HSL, VR or Matkahuolto either. 

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In short

What you will learn

  • Evidence based Global Health, ethics and values
  • Global health research and development
  • Global health policies and actors
  • Incident and Emergency Condition work
  • Leadership

Examples of future positions

You are qualified to work with managerial tasks in organisations, governmental agencies and NGOs on a local, national and international level.

First class healthcare education

Connect both virtually and in person

Even though the studies mainly are implemented as virtual studies, there are also scheduled learning symposiums and seminars where you will meet your fellow teachers and students in person (the programme begins with intensive learning symposium in Kenya, for example). For students unable to attend these gatherings, virtual alternatives will be offered.

A joint degree programme

Global Health Care is a joint degree programme, which Arcada offers together with the University of Eastern Africa Baraton (in Kenya) and the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (in Finland).

The Department of Health and Welfare

The Department of Health and Welfare is the largest department at Arcada with over 1100 students and somewhat fifty teachers and researchers in emergency care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, sports and social services.

When it comes to research and development we are particularly interested in patient safety, health promotion and social inclusion. Students often participate in research and development projects – by working with teachers and researchers you gain invaluable hands-on knowledge already during your study time.


Gun-Britt Lejonqvist, LicNSc

Degree Programme Director, Principal Lecturer

+358 (0)207 699 646