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The primary task of Arcada's library is to provide information resource services for students and staff. The library is also open to the public.

You need a library card in order to borrow books from Arcada's library. To obtain a library card, you have to fill in an application form and show an identification card. The library card must be presented whenever you borrow or renew a book or any other resource material.

The owner of the library card is always responsible for any items borrowed with his/her card. Borrowed items should not be given or passed on to a third party. Any changes of name, e-mail or address should be reported to the library. Loss of the library card should be reported to the library immediately, and a fee of 3 euros will be charged for the issuance of a new card.

Loan period

The loan periods are:

  • course books and monographs: 14 days
  • short loans shall be returned the next day before the library closes
  • reference books can not be borrowed

Arcada's research and teaching staff can borrow monographs for 8 months. However, if a reservation is made for this material, it will be recalled in 14 days.

When the library is closed, books can be returned in the box outside the library`'s main entrance. Books returned in the box will be registered the following working day.

Renewal of loans and personal data

Borrowed books and other resource material can be renewed by logging on to Arcada Finna. Renewals can also be made by e-mail, from the library's information desk or via the phone.

You are not allowed to renew a book or other borrowed material if:

  • the book has or is being requested by another person
  • the book has already been renewed 20 times
  • you owe more than 10 euros in fees or fines

Short loans can not be renewed.

Overdue material

Borrowed material must be returned on the due date. Overdue fines (see fines and fees) are charged, starting from the first day following the due date. The overdue fine for an ordinary loan is 0.30 €/book/day and for a reading room copy 5.00 €/day starting from 11 a.m.

It is the responsibility of the the borrower to be aware of the due date. A reminder of books and material that are due is send by e-mail two days before the due date.

A recall of overdue books and material is sent five days after the due date, and after that two more reminders are sent. Recalls are sent by e-mail, and borrowers who have accumulated overdue fees of 10 € or more, are not eligible for borrowing any books or library material until the overdue fees have been paid. When items are late, three reminders will be followed by an invoice. Unpaid invoices are handled by Visma’s debt collection on behalf of Arcada.

You can pay your overdue fines online through Arcada Finna or by card in the library.

Reservation and arrival notices

Reservations can be made on borrowed material by logging onto Arcada Finna. Reservations can also be made by the library staff. The library staff will inform the borrower by e-mail when the reserved items has arrived in the library. Reserved items are kept in the library for three workdays.

Replacement of damaged or lost library material

Lost or damaged library material has to be replaced by a new copy or by paying a fixed fee. Annotations or underlinings in the borrowed books are regarded as damage.

Borrowing data records

Data protection at Arcada

Change of contact information

Inform the library of any changes in your biographical information ( name and other contact information changes). This can be done through logging in to Arcada Finna.

When updating your biographical information, remember to state your name, your library card bar code and your new contact information.
e-mail: biblioteket(a)
telephone: 0207 699 690

Interlibrary borrowing

Books and articles that are not available in Arcada's library can be ordered from other libraries as interlibrary borrowing. Books and material borrowed from other libraries are subjected to the same borrowing conditions applicable to the borrowing library. Interlibrary borrowings are not permitted within the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Books that are marked as text books or reading room copies cannot be loaned to other libraries.

Price list for interlibrary loans (see fines and fees)

Form for ordering interlibrary loans

Request to purchase

Arcada's students and staff can make a request to purchase books or journals. Please fill in the form to make an acquisition proposal.

Fines and fees

Updated 26.3.2019

Fines and fees

Overdue fines 0,30 /item/day
Overdue fines, short loans 5 € / day
Replacement fee for lost library card 3 €
Replacement for lost or damaged books 50 € or provide the library with a replacement copy

Interlibrary loans and copies

From domestic or Nordic libraries Free for Arcada's students and staff
20 € external customers
From libraries in other countries 20 € for Arcada's students and staff
35 € external customers
Copies Free for Arcada's students and staff
15 €/article(max 20 p.), 5 €/next 10 p.  for external customers

Interlibrary loans for other libraries

Libraries or public institutions Free
Commercial institutions 15 €
Copies Free for libraries or public institutions
20 €/article (max 20 p.),
5 €/next 10 p. for corporations and commercial institutions 


Information services for external customers

Information retrieval 50€ / h
Information retrieval education 50€ / group

Copies for external customers

Copies can be bougt in the library for 20 cent/copy.

Do you need accessible study materials?

Students with dyslexia and reading difficulties can borrow course literature from Celia.

Contact information

Arcada, Biblioteket
Jan-Magnus Janssons plats 1
00560 Helsingfors

Phone: 0294 282 690
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