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Katri Ruutu

Katri Ruutu, M.Sc. in Exercise Physiology

Senior lecturer in Sports and Health Promotion

+358 207 699 485


"I am a learning enthusiast and an exercise physiologist and have passion for well-being, health and sports related subjects. My goal is to help and encourage students in their own learning paths."


Katri Ruutu is a Senior lecturer in Sports and Health Promotion. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology. Ruutu is constantly curious about how the body works and adapts to different kinds of demanding and stressful situations. Ruutu is also keen on discovering how the mind works and how we learn. Her main teaching and interest areas at the department of Health and Well-being are exercise physiology, sports coaching and fitness testing as well as other lifestyle and well-being related subjects such as sleep and recovery. Ruutu is also involved in the basic course of the theory of science and methodology and supervision of theses. She is responsible for one module of our practical studies in the field as well as tutoring students through their studies. In addition, she is part of the team working in Arcada’s sports facilities. She is experienced in the functions of Arcada’s fitness testing lab. In order to facilitate students’ learning, Ruutu is eager to test new pedagogical methods and develop her pedagogical skills especially what comes to e-learning. Lately, she has been involved in Arcada’s well-being at work –projects utilizing her own expertise area in development of the projects.  


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